Perth Games Festival 2015

Perth Games Festival 2015

I am very pleased to announce that AltF4 Interactive will be attending the 2015 Perth Games Festival being held at the Perth town hall on the 28th of this month.

There has been much deliberation as to the project that I was going to showcase at the event this year, and I can now confer that the lucky project for this year is our debut title Rift Runner. As some of you may be aware Rift Runner was the title that was showcased at the festival last year, and may be wondering why we are showing the title again?

The answer seems somewhat simple to us, in that Rift Runner wasn’t 100% complete at the festival last year. And we have been working on completing everything that was missing as well as fixing a couple of minor bugs.

The festival is also going to be used for a special event for us, but that’s a bit of a secret that wont be revealed¬†until the day of the festival.


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