Rift Runner Launchers at 2015 Perth Games Festival

Rift Runner Launchers at 2015 Perth Games Festival

So coming off the back of what was a very busy Saturday, at the Perth Games Festival the surprise that had been eluded to leading up to the festival was the launch of our first title Rift Runner on Google Play.

Rift Runner started out as a game jam project that was conducted during the 2013 Global Game Jam, and has been worked on and off since then up to and including the night before its release at the festival this year. The game and its gameplay have evolved dramatically since its early conceptualization in 2013 to what was finally released at the weekend.

We decided to launch Rift Runner at the Perth Games Festival so that we could get as much exposure for the game as possible. This seemed to be a good move as close to 2.5 thousand people attended the festival on the day, and even if they didn’t all try the game they all should have hopefully at least seen it, making it a success in terms of getting the game exposed to the public and attempting to generate interest.

For those of you interested here is a link to where you can find the game: Rift Runner on Google Play

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