2015 In Review

2015 In Review

2015 was a bit of a mixed year it started out on a low then ended on a high with the launch of our first title towards the end of the year.

Towards the end of 2014 the development and release of Rift Runner was delayed due to a series of small bugs that took a while for us to fix, which carried on into the early parts of 2015, there were also some issues among the development team the needed to be sorted out before anything else could be done on the game. As a result of these small events it resulted in not much work really being done over the course of the year, until the Perth Games festival started to roll around during the back half of the year.

Once the Perth Games Festival was announced it sparked a new surge of creativity, as I really wanted to get something together in order to showcase at the festival. This lead to all sorts of crazy project ideas, that were intended to be worked on and ready for the festival. However time and actually figuring out what needed to be done in order to get these ideas ready soon revealed that I wouldn’t be able to get them ready in time.

This eventually lead back to Rift Runner as it was the closest game that I actually had to completed. However I didn’t want to show of the same not quite finished version of the game that was shown at the festival the year before. And after discussing what still needed to be done with Rift Runners co-developer Hadyn Lander , we set ourselves the challenge of getting the game ready for launch at the festival. This didn’t necessarily go as smoothly as we would have liked, but that will be covered in a postmortem coming soon.

Since launching Rift Runner unfortunately not much work has been done on my next project Praefractus Realms, due to work at my day job over the Christmas and New Year period. However that is something that will hopefully be changing soon, as the craziness of the last few weeks starts to settle and things start to return to a more normal state.

Moving forward into 2016, I am looking forward to getting to work on Praefractus Realms as any other projects that may start to emerge over the course of the year, starting with the Global Game Jam at the end of January. And I’m hoping that I can keep building on the high from the end of last year in order to try and have this year finish even better.

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